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Are You Protected From Mortgage Fraud?

You may have heard people at the café talk about “Mortgage Fraud”, or “Title Fraud.” Or, perhaps you hear a story about how someone came back from vacation only to find that their house was sold while they were gone! So, is this an urban… Read More

Which Privacy Law May Apply To Your Organisation?

Privacy is a complex area of the law with growing importance in the lives of Albertans. Determining which legislation applies to a particular organization can involve complex legal questions. Many business organisations and small business owners are uncertain about what ‘privacy law’ involves and what… Read More

The Advantages of Incorporating Your Business

If you are a self-employed person operating your own small business or an independent contractor, there are many advantages of incorporation, including the following: 1. Limited Liability The primary reason that self-employed individuals choose to incorporate their business is to limit their personal liability in… Read More