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The Construction Of Constructive Dismissal

Introduction Constructive dismissal occurs when an employee resigns or quits due to a fundamental or material change to the employment relationship.  These changes can include new job duties and responsibilities, a change to pay structure, a demotion, relocation, or the cultivation of a workplace that… Read More

How Is Severance Calculated: Without-Cause Termination Of Employment

Introduction Alberta Employers, it’s true: our laws recognize your right to manage your workforce. This includes the ability to hire and fire employees. Although this article focuses on without-cause terminations, for more information on the distinctions between just-cause and without-cause termination, please see our article… Read More

Former Executive Sues AHS for Breach of Employment Contract

Statement of claim alleges AHS and health minister conspired against executive A former health executive is suing the Minister of Health Fred Horne and Alberta Health Services for breach of employment contract, defamation and loss of income, according to the Edmonton Journal. The executive is… Read More