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When Are You Legally A “Common-Law” Couple In Alberta?

“It’s complicated,” indeed. Contrary to popular belief, how long you live together is not the only factor. The question is complex. And, in Alberta, property legislation treats a common-law partner much differently than a married spouse.  So, the difference can be very important for your… Read More

Secure Peace of Mind For You and Your Children

Your family is not a math equation nor a gamble.  But if you die without a will, that is exactly what the law says they are. Discuss your needs with one of our estate planning lawyers. To avoid rolling the dice, make a will. In… Read More

What Effect Does Marriage Have on a Will and Inheritance?

Alberta law generally affords surviving spouses extra rights as beneficiaries When a spouse passes away, the pain endured by a surviving spouse or common-law partner can be immense. The last thing on most surviving spouses’ minds is inheritance, but it is nonetheless important for spouses… Read More

Travelling With Your Children After Separation

As the summer nears many parents are beginning to plan summer vacations with their school aged children. If you are a parent who is separated from your child’s other parent and you are planning to travel with your child outside of Canada some additional planning… Read More