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When Are You Legally A “Common-Law” Couple In Alberta?

“It’s complicated,” indeed. Contrary to popular belief, how long you live together is not the only factor. The question is complex. And, in Alberta, property legislation treats a common-law partner much differently than a married spouse.  So, the difference can be very important for your… Read More

Secure Peace of Mind For You and Your Children

Your family is not a math equation nor a gamble.  But if you die without a will, that is exactly what the law says they are. Discuss your needs with one of our estate planning lawyers. To avoid rolling the dice, make a will. In… Read More

What Effect Does Marriage Have on a Will and Inheritance?

Alberta law generally affords surviving spouses extra rights as beneficiaries When a spouse passes away, the pain endured by a surviving spouse or common-law partner can be immense. The last thing on most surviving spouses’ minds is inheritance, but it is nonetheless important for spouses… Read More