Retired Senior Counsel




Donna is a Retired Senior Counsel at Walsh LLP.

Donna’s breadth of experience in law is matched only by her breadth of experience in the world outside of law.

Donna Driedger’s* path working as a partner at a law firm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to returning to Calgary and joining Walsh can only be described in song: Donna had her motor running, heading down the highway, looking for adventure, and racing with the wind **.

Always in motion, inquisitive and needing continual challenges, projects, and a great soundtrack, Donna acquired valuable experience in many areas of law before focusing her skills primarily in the fields of business, corporate, and commercial law, with a sub-specialty in First Nations law, particularly First Nations economic development. She credits her restless and questioning nature for drawing her into law and keeping her there – because no two files are exactly the same. Though the legal problems may be similar, there is always a twist making one situation just different enough from another to pique her interest, permitting Donna to take up the challenge and apply all her life and legal skills with finesse and dexterity to achieve the best results for her client.

Donna’s breadth of experience in law is matched only by her breadth of experience in the world outside of law. Having lived everywhere (not joking!) in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan at one time or another, there is little she will not tackle, and her non-law accomplishments include bucking logs, operating heavy equipment and machinery, cooking in logging camps, owning and operating long-distance transport equipment, participating in grain and mixed farming businesses, and constructing and installing cabinetry. These and other life experiences give Donna valuable insight and enhance the quality of the legal services that she provides her clients.

Now you might think, “but that’s all work – she can’t be much fun…”. And you would be wrong. Donna is fun, has a fine sense of humor, and finds time to do fun things like playing dinosaurs with her grandchildren, hopping on carnival rides and roller coasters, and travelling to other parts of the world to experience different cultures. Donna loves fine art and fast cars. In fact, her passion for color and design, music and theatre is only matched by her appreciation for beautiful automobiles, wine and her family. With an enduring dedication to lifelong learning, it’s no surprise Donna’s “to do” list involves learning Cello, Tai Chi, and how to swim; writing the great Canadian novel; obtaining her PhD., painting and participating in local politics.

*practicing member of both Alberta Law Society and Saskatchewan Law Society

**adapted from lyrics to “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf

Education & Professional Development

  • Master of Laws – University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • Bachelor of Laws - University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • Diploma (Highest Honours) in Journalism and Short Story Writing – ICS Montreal
  • Certificate (Highest Honours) in Office Systems/Administration – College, Medicine Hat
  • Certificate in Collaborative Process – Palliser Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate in Interest-Based Negotiations – Walter & Walter Mediators


  • Business Law and Real Estate Law Module designer at Saskatchewan Legal
  • Education Society Inc. for the start-up phase of the Continuing Professional Legal
  • Education Development Program (CPLED) for 2003 and 2004
  • Moderator/Facilitator for Articling Students participating in CPLED modules for 2004 and 2005
  • Director of Saskatchewan Legal Education Society Inc. from 2003 through 2005
  • Saskatchewan Branch of Canadian Bar Association from 2001 through 2005
  • Saskatchewan Lupus Society from 2012 to present
  • Editor of The Lupine, newsletter for Saskatchewan Lupus Society from 2012 to present
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Saskatchewan Law Society
  • Alberta Law Society
  • Calgary Bar Association
  • Calgary Arts Commons
  • Calgary Philharmonic Society
  • Alberta Theatre Projects

Areas of

  • Corporate governance, organization, restructures and development
  • Commercial developments, franchises, real estate, leasing and financings
  • Business sales, purchases, and mergers
  • Aboriginal law focusing on economic development and additions to reserve