Some of the laws we all deal with consistently are those of the cities in which we live. From property taxes and land use zoning to advising and defending local government, Municipal Law is a wide-ranging and important practice.

Municipal Law
At A Glance

Whether you’re a business, individual, or governmental body, you have an important relationship to municipal law – and it’s the goal of this practice area to provide advice and solutions for matters regarding local laws, issues, and bylaws.

Solutions for Individuals, Businesses, and Municipalities

Municipal law is a complex and far-reaching discipline that touches all citizens, businesses, and governing organizations. Walsh provides advice and solutions for clients from all areas, bringing issues before various board, tribunals, and courts such as the Alberta Municipal Government Board, the City of Airdrie Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the City of Calgary’s Assessment Review Board, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and Licensing and Community Standards Board.

Walsh regularly works with individuals in situations which include:

  • Contesting municipal property taxes
  • Applying for a home-occupation business license
  • Disputing the enforcement of a bylaw
  • Applying to subdivide property
  • Responding to an Annexation Order

On the business side of things, Walsh has experience working with organizations in situations such as:

  • Applying for a Business License
  • Contesting tax assessments
  • Land use, planning, zoning, and development matters
  • Challenging municipal decisions and bylaws before the Courts

In addition to working with businesses and citizens, Walsh provides services to municipalities, including taking action and interacting with individuals, businesses, and other municipalities by:

  • Appearing before boards and tribunals on behalf of municipalities
  • Defending bylaws challenged in the Courts
  • Assisting in the drafting of bylaws or bylaw amendments
  • Negotiating and preparing agreements

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