Agricultural Financing And Banking Arrangements In Okotoks

Legal advisors to farm owners and ranchers must understand the distinct aspects of agribusiness in order to provide them with effective tools to support their business growth. At Walsh LLP in Okotoks and Calgary, some of our experienced corporate lawyers are active farmers. We can help you, from a legal perspective, to execute your business objectives.

Exploring Options For Business

Sound business planning involves not only obtaining legal advice, but also working with financial professionals. At Walsh LLP, our role with regard to business financing is to work with you and your lender to implement the financing strategies you have put together with your financial advisors. Among the potential kinds of financing are:

  • Prefinancing from institutional lenders such as chartered banks and credit unions
  • Specialized agribusiness financing available from Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) and Farm Credit Canada (FCC)
  • Financing estate plans between family members and generations

As a full-service firm with team-oriented lawyers, Walsh LLP can call upon the knowledge of its business law group to help with the legal aspects of your enterprise.

Walsh LLP has been a noted presence in Calgary for more than 50 years, and we are members of the farming community. We bring our legal skills to serve agricultural clients throughout the province. To learn more about us and our work, we invite you to get in touch to see how we can help.

Farm Financing Lawyers In Calgary And Okotoks: Serving Alberta Agribusiness Owners

To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers regarding agricultural financing and banking arrangements in Okotoks or Calgary, contact us online or call 403-267-8400 locally, 800-304-3574 toll free.