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When your loved one dies without a will, Alberta law will determine how the estate is distributed. At Walsh LLP in Calgary and Okotoks, we can give you guidance if you are a beneficiary of someone who died intestate or if you have been appointed by the court as an estate administrator (executor). As estate litigation lawyers, we are also able to advocate for your interests in the case of a dispute.

Disposition Under The Wills And Succession Act

If your loved one dies without a will, the Wills And Succession Act determines who will receive what assets of the estate. For example, if your loved one died with a spouse but no children, that spouse may in proper circumstances receive the entirety of the estate. The law similarly sets out specific disposition rules according to the size of the estate, relatives who have survived the deceased, and whether the deceased left dependants.

In addition, the court must, upon a proper legal application, appoint an individual who is tasked with distributing the estate assets and paying its debts. That individual is charged with the obligations of a personal representative. At Walsh LLP, we can help you fully understand your responsibilities as executor and ensure those responsibilities are met.

Your Trusted Advisors In Estate Disputes

At Walsh LLP, we are experienced estate litigation counsel. We know that when a loved one passes, there can be an added burden when beneficiaries do not agree about how the estate is distributed. The law also makes special provisions for the maintenance of family members of an individual who died without a will, and it can vary the disposition of an intestate estate in certain circumstances.

If you have a loved one who died intestate and you disagree with the actions of an estate administrator or want to challenge an appointment by the court, we can help.

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