Power of Attorney Lawyers In Calgary

As part of estate planning, individuals commonly appoint individuals – called an "attorney" when referring to financial matters – to make financial decisions in the event of incapacity. However, when this authority is invoked, concerned loved ones may disagree with the actions taken by the appointed person (the attorney).

At Walsh LLP in Calgary and Okotoks, our estate litigation group is experienced with cases that focus on the activities of attorneys appointed under a power of attorney, and the activities of personal representatives. We can commence such an action on your behalf or defend your actions as appropriate.

Experienced Lawyers For Issues Surrounding Attorneys Acting Under Powers Of Attorney

At Walsh LLP, we represent litigants in cases involving individuals appointed under Enduring Powers of Attorney who must act within specific legal boundaries on behalf of an incapacitated person. The issues that arise in these cases include:

  • Clarifying the role and obligations of the attorney to interested persons such as loved ones and close relatives. When the limits of these powers are challenged, we represent clients in litigation or dispute resolution proceedings.
  • Accounting to interested persons of the financial activities taken on behalf of the incapacitated person, and any expenses incurred or fees the attorney has claimed or taken.
  • Compelling proper conduct of the attorney. When an attorney's actions are challenged, his or her authority and actions may be subject to legal scrutiny.

In addition, we also represent clients in legal actions that surround the activities of guardians of adults who are incapacitated due to illness or disability. As a full-service law firm, our estate lawyers at Walsh LLP works collaboratively with our family law group on these cases where appropriate.

Also Serving Airdrie: Guardianship Dispute Lawyers

In addition to our estate litigation work, at Walsh LLP we are experienced estate planning lawyers who can help you to prepare a Power of Attorney or personal directive ("living will" or "health care directive") to take effect if you are incapacitated. We will counsel you on the effects of such an appointment and what it means for your family.

To schedule a consultation with one of our powers of attorney lawyers based in Calgary or Okotoks, Alberta, contact us online or call 403-267-8400 locally, 800-304-3574 toll free.