Calgary Beneficiary Rights Lawyers

Beneficiaries to an estate or trust have certain rights and expectations that must be respected. At Walsh LLP in Calgary and Okotoks, our estate litigation lawyers represent beneficiaries when they wish to take legal action to assert their rights. If you are a beneficiary to an estate or trust and want legal advice about your options, we can help.

Expectations Of Beneficiaries

Trust administrators and estate executors have a responsibility to the trust or estate — ultimately, for the benefit of beneficiaries. As a result, beneficiaries have certain legitimate expectations of these individuals, including:

  • Estate or trust assets will be handled appropriately
  • Estate or trust assets will not be misused for personal gain
  • Distribution of assets will not be unreasonably delayed
  • Requests for a full accounting of assets and expenses will be complied with

At Walsh LLP, we can help you gain a full understanding of your rights as a beneficiary. If taking legal action is appropriate, we will work with you to implement and advocate your position effectively and with skill. If you are a personal representative (executor or administrator) or a trustee and want to defend your actions while fulfilling that role, we can give you the legal defence you need.

Beneficiaries' Rights Under Trusts Or Wills: Legal Advice In Okotoks

The estate litigation practice of Walsh LLP serves clients throughout Alberta, including from our two offices in Okotoks and Calgary. We are seasoned advisors with respect to the specialized interests of certain kinds of Alberta businesses, such as agriculture and small to medium-sized businesses, and how these kinds of estate assets are distinct from other personal assets. If you are the beneficiary of a family farm or cattle ranch, we can help you understand your rights and expectations.

To schedule a consultation with one of our beneficiary rights lawyers based in Calgary or Okotoks, Alberta about abuse of discretion or other trust or estate issue, contact us online or call 403-267-8400 locally, 800-304-3574 toll free.