Calgary Estate Property Entitlement Lawyers

Beneficiaries to an estate have the right to a full accounting of estate assets. This can happen at many stages of the estate administration process, including before and after probate. At Walsh LLP, we are experienced and knowledgeable estate litigation lawyers who will advise you on your rights as a beneficiary and how to exercise them.

Analyzing Estate Finances

Accounting of estate assets involves a detailed and often technical itemizing of the assets and liabilities of the estate — in short, what a testator owned and what he or she owed. A personal representative (executor or administrator) has a legal responsibility to perform many duties with regards to the estate, including asset distribution, filing of taxes and payment of debts. Additionally, personal representatives and trustees are required to provide an accounting of estate assets to beneficiaries before a final distribution is made.

When estate assets are not properly accounted for, legal action may be appropriate. As a beneficiary, you can take action to have the personal representative (executor or administrator) removed. At Walsh LLP, we will work with you to understand your concerns regarding the estate assets and take the appropriate legal steps to meet your legal needs.

Estate Property Law Lawyers: Serving Okotoks And Southern Alberta

Walsh LLP is a Calgary law firm with a more than 50-year history advising Albertans on important legal issues. When you have questions about your rights to have an accounting of the assets of an estate, we can give you the information and legal service you need.

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