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At Walsh LLP, family is an important part of the lives of many of our clients. When divorce, separation or family violence threaten what they hold most dear, they need practical and compassionate guidance. We are here to offer them, and you, solutions: legal alternatives that can keep you on track towards a positive future.

Divorce And Separation · Serving Common-Law And Married Couples

Divorce and separation is a core part of our family law practice. Our team members work with clients to identify their most important issues and help them to achieve their goals and visions for their families. Many of those we help must deal with:

  • Matters involving children: From child support, custody, guardianship and access arrangements to a diverse range of other parenting issues, including the relocation of parents and children outside of Alberta and grandparents' rights, we help you meet the challenge of caring for children after divorce or separation.
  • Spousal support: We help you, as a payor or as a recipient, to negotiate spousal support. We advise on pros and cons of periodic support, lump-sum support or whether a waiver or termination of support may be appropriate in your situation.
  • Division of property: Pension division and high-asset divorce are two of the important aspects of the property division work we do as part of our family law practice. We help all of our clients, regardless of the size and nature of their assets, to effect appropriate property division.

In general, to achieve resolution, we use many non-adversarial means in order to minimize the conflict separation and divorce can cause. Among these are:

  • Alternative forms of dispute resolution: From well-established out-of-court processes, such as mediation and arbitration, to new, innovative legal options, such as collaborative law, we offer you many options to achieve an acceptable outcome in your case. A number of our lawyers are also practicing family law mediators who regularly mediate issues that arise between parties when they are experiencing a separation or divorce.
  • Agreements: We help clients negotiate and draft legal contracts that finalize many important issues while they are still in committed relationships. If separation eventually does happen, a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement can expedite legal proceedings.
  • Separation agreements: On the way to finalizing a relationship dissolution or divorce, spouses can agree to resolve many of their issues through mutual agreement without the need for either party to appear before the courts.

When you need us to argue for you in court, we have the skill and dedication to do so: in addition to our courtroom experience in all areas of family law litigation, we have specific knowledge of family violence and child welfare and are known for our work in Alberta's Court of Appeal.

In addition to our separation and divorce-related practice, we offer high-quality service with regards to stepparent adoption, and advice regarding the unique issues that arise in common-law or same-sex relationships and a diverse range of other family law issues.

Team-Driven Approach To Family Law

At Walsh LLP, we frequently take a team approach to family law files. In order to give you the best advice and guidance possible, we call on the legal talent of our colleagues. When we work as a group, you benefit from having the most qualified individuals dedicated to meeting your specific legal needs.

Alberta Divorce And Separation Lawyers · Full-Service Family Law Firm

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