Separation And Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers In Calgary

Many important issues in your family life can be resolved through legal agreement. Whether embarking on a new relationship or leaving a marriage, the negotiation of the terms of your union or separation can prevent conflict. At Walsh LLP, we are focused on solutions. Our family law practice group will help you to arrive at a suitable agreement with your partner and ensure that its terms are in your legal interests.

Preventing Conflict · Negotiating Acceptable Terms

In Alberta, there is increasing emphasis on reaching agreement on legal issues, instead of resorting to the courts. Walsh LLP is at the forefront of this trend. Couples and spouses have many options, including mediation and arbitration, to create an agreement that prevents them from going through costly and stressful litigation when they separate.

Prenuptial And Cohabitation Agreements

Partners in a committed relationship who are intending to marry or live together can draft a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement that sets out their rights and responsibilities — both during the relationship, and if it ends. The terms of a prenup or cohabitation agreement can form the basis of a separation agreement or divorce settlement, easing the legal aspects of divorce or separation considerably.

Separation Agreements

Couples ending a relationship can retain control of the terms of settlement by negotiating a separation agreement that will address child care and asset division. Both common-law and married spouses can arrive at specific terms that are best for their families, without putting their parenting plans and financial assets in the hands of a judge.

Serving Calgary And Okotoks: Divorce Settlement Lawyer

At Walsh LLP, we maintain a comprehensive family law practice. We will help you negotiate a domestic agreement, and we offer an independent legal review of a final contract before you sign. You can therefore rest assured that any contract arrived at is, from our perspective, in your best legal interest.

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