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When you need to plan your future following divorce or separation, you should have access to a range of options to resolve disputes. At Walsh LLP based in Calgary and Okotoks, we can help you to find solutions even if you are engaged in deep conflict with your spouse. As trained professionals in alternative dispute resolution, we can recommend a process that is right for you and represent your legal interests.

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While going to court is right for some people, it is usually not the best option to resolve family law matters. In fact, the judicial system in Alberta encourages spouses to work out their divorce and separation issues on their own before going to court. If negotiation is not possible, the court system is available. However, in most cases people are able to use other processes that achieve similar results to litigation but allow them to be in control of their cases.

At Walsh LLP, we are particularly qualified to help you find out-of-court solutions to your family law issues. Members of our family law practice group are fully committed to helping you find solutions through any of the processes, including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Each of these alternatives has different benefits and is appropriate in different cases. Many factors will contribute to which one we recommend to you, including the level of cooperation and communication you currently have with your spouse. Even when it seems negotiation in divorce is not possible, we may be able to find a way to agreement for the benefit of you, your spouse and your children.

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