Common-Law Property Division Lawyers In Calgary

Unlike married couples, common-law couples do not have an automatic right to property acquired during the relationship. However, the law has means to address when one person unfairly profits from another. It is on this basis that common-law spouses are able to put in a trust claim for compensation when a relationship dissolves.

At Walsh LLP in Calgary and Okotoks, we are experienced with all aspects of common-law relationship breakdown. In addition to negotiating a financial settlement, we can help you with child support, guardianship and parenting issues. If you need guidance or information about your rights, we can help.

Common-Law Claims In Family Law

There are many bases in law for common-law spouses to claim financial compensation upon relationship breakdown. These include:

  • Unjust enrichment
  • Implied constructive trust
  • Unequal contributions to joint or solely owned property
  • Joint family venture

At Walsh LLP, we can help you understand what legal claim may apply to you and your situation.

Negotiating A Fair Agreement

Like married people, common-law partners have the option of settling their issues in court. They also have the benefit of non-adversarial, out-of-court forums that can keep them in control of any final settlement. At Walsh LLP, we are committed to helping you find the right solution and right process to resolve your legal issues. When you are leaving a common-law relationship and want practical, relevant advice for your financial welfare and your children's well-being, we can help.

Common-Law Rights Lawyer In Okotoks

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