Complex Property Division Lawyers In Calgary

When a couple's combined assets are significant, property division during divorce or separation may be complex. At Walsh LLP in Calgary, we are accustomed to handling financially complex cases of asset division. Our family lawyers can help you to arrive at an appropriate settlement with your spouse. When you seek expediency, privacy and a just result, we can offer you the legal advice and alternatives to court that will work for you.

Retirement Benefits · Business Assets

Business assets and retirement benefits are considered matrimonial property and, therefore, subject to property division legislation in Alberta. However, establishing the value of these assets may be problematic. Shares in a company, for example, may fluctuate in value. Private pensions may be subject to specific rules and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits, although they are normally divided equally, may be allocated to one spouse only by agreement.

Full-Service Law Firm To Meet Your Asset Division Needs

Division of retirement assets, such as RRSPs and pensions, can have tax consequences. Part of the benefit of retaining the full-service firm of Walsh LLP is our ability to advise you not only on family law, but also ensure you receive advice from tax and business law lawyers on or in relation to your divorce settlement. We also utilize a network of financial service professionals, such as valuators and assessors, to help us demonstrate the value of the assets to be divided and negotiate a fair agreement for you.

RRSP, CPP And Pension Division · Lawyers Serving Okotoks, Calgary And Throughout Alberta

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