Calgary Domestic Violence Lawyers

When families experience violence, it is emotionally devastating for everyone involved. It is also legally complex. Walsh LLP is a full-service law firm. Our lawyers work together to solve your legal problem. When it comes to domestic violence, our knowledge of divorce law, criminal law, child welfare and employment law may be important to you. When you come to us for help, we will use all our legal resources to meet your needs.

Serving Families Throughout The Legal System

Family violence can become a legal matter in many different ways. At Walsh LLP, we can help you resolve many legal issues connected to these occurrences, including:

  • Emergency Protection Orders and Restraining Orders
  • Criminal charges related to physical harm to children
  • Criminal charges related to threats of harm
  • Divorce settlements after a criminal charge of violence
  • Modification of custody or access orders after violence
  • Effects of criminal charges on your current or future employment prospects

At Walsh LLP, we have the advantage of being a one-stop-shop law firm. When domestic violence becomes a criminal matter, our criminal law group can assist you. If your family breaks up as a result of criminal proceedings, we can help you through the process of separation and divorce. If having a criminal record is preventing you from securing access to employment, we also may be able to assist you.

Southern Alberta Family Violence Lawyers

We are committed to handling every aspect of your case with discretion and sensitivity. To schedule a consultation with one of our domestic violence lawyers based in Calgary or Okotoks, contact us online or call 403-267-8400 locally, 800-304-3574 toll free.