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Children are not mere bystanders in divorce and separation. Parents, while pursuing resolution of their issues during relationship breakdown, often make children a priority. At Walsh LLP, based in Calgary, we offer representation and guidance as well as options for conflict resolution that meet your needs and those of your children.

Resolving Conflict · Reaching Agreement · Strong Representation

For most parents pondering separation, their children are at the heart of their concerns. Often, even when all parties have good intentions, their individual desires for their children come into conflict. At Walsh LLP, we offer not only strong representation for you as you negotiate with your former partner, but also a range of non-adversarial forums, such as mediation, in which you can resolve issues related to your children's well-being. Our professionals are trained to act as legal counsel, representing clients in these legal processes. In addition, members of our firm can act in a separate capacity as mediators and parenting coordinators — as neutral facilitators to resolution.

Sometimes, however, going to court is appropriate for our clients. At Walsh LLP, our family law practice is team-driven: our lawyers work together to give you the right legal services for your situation. We are experienced advocates for clients who are before the courts in morning applications, trials or on appeals.

We also offer independent legal advice, help with negotiations, and can assist parties with settlement meetings and discussions.

Answering Your Concerns

As a full-service firm with a comprehensive family law practice, we have the experience and legal resources to serve you, even when your concerns are complex. We advise on unique parenting rights and issues such as the rights of stepparents, access for grandparents and parental relocation. These issues can arise at any time: when a relationship is first breaking down or in the years following separation.

We also help you through the process of establishing and enforcing child support, child custody and access arrangements.

ADR Services · Mediation, Arbitration, Parenting Coordination

At Walsh LLP, our professional capacity includes not only legal representation, but the ability to act as mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators. When we act in these roles, we do not represent you as counsel: we remain neutral and utilize our specific training and experience to help you achieve resolution.

Serving Okotoks: Lawyers Advising On Shared Custody And Other Issues Affecting Children

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