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Supporting their children financially is an ongoing responsibility for parents, including after separation and divorce. At the Calgary and Okotoks firm of Walsh LLP, our family law practice group is committed to helping parents meet this responsibility, within the context of broader divorce and separation negotiations.

The amount of basic child support is firmly established in Alberta law, and it is based primarily on the income of the parents, the number of children, and whether there is a primary, split or shared parenting arrangement. On some specific expenses incurred on behalf of the child, however, parents will share these expenses in proportion to their respective incomes.

Special And Extraordinary Expenses

Additional expenses parents share, as "add-ons" to basic child support, include medical and dental premiums and uninsured health care expenses, day care costs, education fees and some extracurricular activity and post-secondary expenses. If parents cannot decide together, through mediation or another out-of-court process, what expenses are to be shared, a judge can decide for them. A judge will look at whether an expense is necessary, reasonable and in the child's best interest, among many other factors.

At Walsh LLP, we can help you determine what are special and extraordinary expenses with your spouse as part of divorce and separation proceedings. Our family lawyers are focused on helping you find solutions that minimize conflict and are beneficial for your family for the long term.

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