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When parents separate, new care arrangements for children often become a dominant concern. At Walsh LLP, our family lawyers can work with you to put the well-being of your children first. We can assist you, as we have many Calgary parents, in arriving at the best solutions for you and your family.

Custody and access arrangements encompass physical custody of children, information about their care and the right to make important decisions about their welfare. As a law firm with a comprehensive family practice, we can offer you many legal options that allow you to feel in control as you contemplate divorce and separation and what it means for your children.

Apart from our work with divorcing couples, we also represent individuals in common-law relationships, same-sex relationships, and grandparents.

Offering Options To Parents

Custody arrangements can vary significantly from family to family. For example, a child may live primarily with one parent while the other parent has regular access. Or, a child may live with each parent for roughly equal amounts of time. Or, one parent alone may reside with the child — with no access for the other parent. In addition to residence, parents may choose how to make major decisions about the child's education, religion, health and medical treatment.

It is common, and often preferred, for parents to decide on custody and access through mediation or negotiation with each other. At Walsh LLP, we represent you in the process that you choose to be most effective for your family, and we will always advise as to what is in your best interests and those of your children. If you need to go to court, we will be your diligent advocates.

Guardianship · Advice For Parents

We at Walsh LLP help those who were in a common-law relationship with their child's other parent to assess and execute their legal options. Our legal advice and guidance is available to all parents regardless of whether the child was a product of a legal marriage.

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