Calgary Spousal Support Lawyers

Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is often an important part of divorce negotiations. Both common-law and married spouses can claim support in Alberta, but entitlement is not guaranteed in either case. At Calgary's Walsh LLP, we can help you achieve an appropriate spousal support arrangement.

Unlike child support, which follows mandatory legal guidelines, spousal support is often flexible and negotiable. A judge who decides on spousal support will first have to establish that the spouse seeking support is entitled to it; then the judge will determine the amount and duration of support. Our knowledge of how courts usually decide, and the criteria they must consider, helps us to advise you on negotiating a support arrangement out of court.

Answering Your Important Questions

When you are faced with a divorce or separation, you will likely have many questions about alimony. We can answer your questions and provide you with legal strategy to negotiate an effective arrangement. Among the issues we help you resolve are:

We offer a range of legal alternatives, including mediation and arbitration, to help you to reach a divorce settlement in a way that is expedient and minimizes conflict. For many of our family law clients, reaching agreement on alimony in private forums such as these is preferred because of their cost-effectiveness and focus on the active participation of both spouses. Sometimes, however, going to court is appropriate, and we will be your advocates in front of a judge.

Spousal Support Lawyer: Serving Okotoks, Greater Calgary And Throughout Alberta

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