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When spouses divorce, they may agree to set an end date on spousal support. One spouse, who might otherwise receive support, can also waive his or her right to support entirely in exchange for an unequal division of property or a lump-sum payment of support. Waiver and termination are two ways to bring predictability to the financial commitment of spousal maintenance. At Walsh LLP, we can explain the use of waiver and termination with you in the context of your divorce settlement and recommend whether either of these options is in your best legal interest.

Negotiating Waiver Or Termination

As spousal support can be flexible, couples have some freedom to negotiate a waiver or the details of termination. Support can be paid for a specific period of time or may be paid until a triggering event causes termination. For example, couples can agree that support is paid until:

  • The paying spouse retires
  • The receiving spouse remarries
  • The receiving spouse recovers from illness

Since waiver or termination involves giving up legal rights, it is important to have advice from a family lawyer about what is appropriate for you in your circumstances. At Walsh LLP, we have a comprehensive family law practice. We are veterans of the family court system in Alberta and offer a range of out-of-court legal options to help you achieve innovative solutions to your family law issues. We will help you decide whether waiving or terminating support is right for you in the context of related divorce issues such as property division and child custody.

Waiving Spousal Support · Lawyers Serving High River And Okotoks

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