Family law is often thought of as stressful, dramatic, and costly, but it does not have to be that way. Our team of dedicated, compassionate, and experienced lawyers approach every family law issue with the goal of keeping you, your family, and your finances on track towards a positive future.

Family Law
At A Glance

Family law includes everything you think it does, and more. Common family law matters include divorce, custody and parenting, child and spousal/partner support, property division, and pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, among others. In addition, family law touches on pretty much every other area of law that affects you and your family, such as taxation, wills and estates, agriculture, real estate, and corporate law, to name a few.

Solutions as Unique as Every Family

Our family law group assists individuals at all stages of their lives, and with all manner of family legal issues. Whether it is a straightforward child support application, a tax issue resulting from a separation agreement, or the drafting of a pre-nuptial agreement that keeps the family farm in the family – we can help. Further, as Walsh is a full-service firm, advice regarding the non-family elements of your legal issue is only a few doors down. Our family law group often works together with other members of the firm on more multifaceted legal matters to craft comprehensive and thorough solutions for our clients and their families.

An Overview of Common Family Law Services


Child and spousal support are common after separations and divorce, and whether you’re paying or receiving it, our team is experienced in providing advice on the many options that may be best for your situation and helping negotiate the best solution.


In any family dispute or divorce, the children should always be the top priority. Our team understands the importance of getting these matters right and will help you meet the challenges of ensuring the best possible solution for you and your children.

Property Division

Regardless of the size or scale of your assets, the division of property after a divorce or separation is an incredibly important and difficult task for many people. The Walsh team is vastly experienced in helping our clients achieve the best solutions for their unique circumstances and always approaches the challenge with a collaborative philosophy designed to ensure our clients are involved and comfortable every step of the way.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

While some matters require the assistance of the Court, many people are able to resolve their matter successfully without ever setting foot inside a courtroom. Clients are often surprised to learn about all the different dispute resolution options available to assist them and their families. From well-established alternatives such as mediation and arbitration, to newer, innovative options like collaborative law and parenting coordination, the Family Law Group is versed in every option available to our clients, as well as the timelines, costs, pros, and cons associated with each.

Lawyers Who Practice In This Area

These aren’t just our people – they’re yours. From partner and associate to support staff, every Walsh employee is committed to providing the best service possible.

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At Walsh, we believe the law is constantly evolving and that we have a responsibility to our clients, colleagues, and industry to provide insightful thought leadership.

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